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Silver Moon Daughters coming soon!

25th of July Silver Moon Daughters on FRONTIERS

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Attention everyone!

DakkaDakka.Store proudly presents 'Wargame Bits Vol. VI: Legion of Indivisible,' an epic campaign that will immerse you in a realm of unparalleled darkness and unyielding power.

'Wargame Bits Vol. VI: Legion of Indivisible' is featuring an extensive collection of over 300 STL files.


Within this treasure trove, you will find:

  • legion of warriors;

  • unique heroes;

  • formidable vehicles;

  • and other inspiring creations.

Whether you're a collector, a painter, or a seasoned strategist, 'Wargame Bits Vol. VI: Legion of Indivisible" offers something extraordinary for everyone. The possibilities are limitless as you assemble and unleash your own indomitable force upon the tabletop.


Prepare to conquer new realms, forge legends, and witness the birth of a new era!


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As a special bonus, anyone who subscribes to the project before the start of the campaign will receive a free test model that they can print and try out for themselves


Download these bits models for free now

“Embrace the Abyss, Unleash the Indivisible”


Deep within the grim darkness of the far-flung cosmos, a legion of indomitable warriors emerges, known as the Legion of Indivisible. Their ominous presence strikes fear into the hearts of both mortal and immortal alike. The Legion of Indivisible leaves a trail of destruction in their wake, their actions shrouded in mystery and whispers of unspeakable deeds.


They are a symbol of fear and defiance, their symbol emblazoned upon banners and carved into the flesh of those who cross their path. They are the living embodiment of chaos, the harbingers of an age of darkness.The Legion of Indivisible stands as a testament to the spirit of death, forever unyielding, forever unconquerable.

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