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  • What is the standard timeframe for shipping an order after it has been paid for?
    The average shipping time varies from 10 to 14 days, but depending on the complexity of the order and the availability of models in stock, the time may increase by a few days.
  • Can I sell your STLs or miniatures?
    You have the right to sell our miniatures as long as you are an active merchant on one of the sites (Tribe or Patreon at the moment). You have the right to sell only those models that you have purchased from our store first (MMF, Cults3d, our website at the moment). If you want to sell models from a project on Kickstarter or Frontier from MMF, you do not need to purchase a separate commercial license for these miniatures as long as you are an active merchant on Tribe or Patreon, any other pledge will do at your discretion. The IP questions sheet will be available in our Discord server. (For Tribers) You can communicate with other merchants in our private channel: (once you join - write @HellBrain or @Ulgal in private messages to add you).
  • I found a mistake on a product or have a question about a product.
    Please contact us by mail or chat.
  • Do you provide a painting service for the model?
    Unfortunately, no.
  • Can you pre-assemble and/or prime the model?
    Unfortunately, no.
  • Do you do refunds?
    On physical copies, yes. On digital items, no. For more information, check out our refund policy.
  • Do you accept custom orders?
    At the moment we do not accept custom orders.
  • Do you accept Paypal?
    Not on the website, but PayPal is available on our only-games page:
  • Where are miniatures sent from?
    Our only partner at the moment is Only-Games, they ship orders from the UK:
  • I wanna be rickrolled, can you do this for me?
    Sure thing! Here you go:
  • What is the difference between heroic and true scale?
    Heroic scale provides for an enlarged head, chest, legs, so that it is easier to point and it does not seem thin compared to other models - heroic scale is needed for the game. True scale implies a more precise observance of the proportions of a person, but the figure may seem thin compared to others and it is more difficult to paint. In this way, true scale means more naturalistic and subtle proportions. It is unlikely to be used in the game, since it looks smaller than game models (often made on a heroic scale), and it is more difficult to paint.
  • Can you give me a discount?
    We have regular contests and sales, but you can also sign up for our Patreon or Tribe (links under the Community tab), for 30% to 50% off digital items and 10% to 50% off physical copies.
  • I can not finalize my order on the site, my country is not in the list, what should I do?
    We send orders to almost all countries. Please contact us at if you have any difficulties.
  • Do I need to further process the model before painting?
    We fully process the models after printing, so as a rule, no serious actions for preparing the model are required, just assemble, prime and paint! However, there may be traces of supports on the model and they can be removed with fine sandpaper. If there are shiny/oily traces of resin on the model, they are easily washed off with alcohol and warm soapy water. After that, you need to dry the miniature in the sun, but not too long, so that it does not become brittle (5-15 min is enough).
  • My order didn't come fully or part of it is broken, what should I do?
    Please check our shipping and returns policy, or email us at or chat.
  • Where can I leave my feedback on my order?
    You can leave your feedback after receiving your order in the confirmation email, on our website, by leaving a comment or writing to us.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Yes, if you ordered a physical miniatures, you can cancel your order at any time before it ships.
  • I can not figure out how to assemble the model, do you have instructions?
    We have assembly instructions for some models, contact us by mail or chat.
  • I bought a digital product, but the download link doesn't work or the product doesn't match the description.
    Please contact us via chat or email, we will replace the link and answer any questions.
  • My order still hasn't arrived, what should I do?
    Delivery time can be up to 1 month, depending on the recipient country. Please check the current status on the order tracking page. This can be done on our website under My Order ->>Track My Order tab. If you still have questions, chat with us or email at You can also check our shipping and returns policy.
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