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Join us on a journey into the abyss as we delve deep into the enigmatic and shadowy universe of Nocturnal Obscuritas.

Soon Nocturnal Obscuritas

to the dark and unsettling realm  of Nocturnal Obscuritas,

our ninth thrilling installment in the Wargame Bits series

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In the grim expanse of the galaxy, a haunting force materializes, known only as 'Nocturnal Obscuritas'.

 They are the embodiments of despair, relentless and shrouded in the endless abyss of night, bringing forth a chilling terror to all who dare to oppose them.

Nocturnal, an army of spectral warriors, thrives in the depths of darkness. Their very presence is an omen of doom, and their actions are an echo of the darkest nightmares. Cloaked in ebon shrouds, their armor and banners bear sigils of macabre dread and ancient horrors.

Their weaponry and technology are a reflection of their somber existence, designed to inflict suffering and invoke despair. From their shadowy hideouts, Nocturnal commanders, known as the Masters of Desolation, orchestrate campaigns of ruthless brutality and silent dread, leaving nothing but despair in their wake.

Nocturnal does not seek conquest or power in the traditional sense; they are driven by a dark obsession with plunging the cosmos into unending gloom. Their unholy mission is to sow the seeds of fear and extinguish the last vestiges of hope across the galaxies, leaving behind a world drowned in eternal sorrow.

Their origin is a riddle, their allegiance a mystery, and their methods unspeakably grim. Nocturnal is a spectral specter that haunts the battlefields, a chilling reminder of the inexorable gloom that awaits the unprepared.

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As a special bonus, anyone who subscribes to the project before the start of the campaign will receive a free test model that they can print and try out for themselves

Wondering if it's worth it? That's okay! Try our demo bits and check them out. Just subscribe and download it for free




Test printed

250+ STL 

Free demo model

Modular miniatures

Pre-assembled miniatures

Compatible with popular wargames

In our quest to bring you the most exciting and immersive wargaming experience, we proudly present Nocturnal Obscuritas. This eagerly awaited addition to our collection with over 250 bits and models, including vehicles and bases, we're poised to bring your darkest wargaming fantasies to life.

Subscribers to Nocturnal Obscuritas will be the first to witness the chilling power of this army, the embodiment of despair and terror. Prepare yourself for a world of darkness, dread, and inspiring miniatures! Subscribe now to stay updated.

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