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Lighting the Darkness: Orders of Repentance's Secrets

Hi, battle brothers and sisters! Are you ready to dive into a world of amazing discoveries? Today is our special day - we invite you to take a journey through our world. We will tell you about our plans and share our latest achievements!

Order of Repetance. Two miniatures on a black and gold background. Miniatures by DakkaDakka

From dream to realization - from idea to implementation

We're used to giving our best 101%, and the "Order of Repentance" campaign was no exception. As always, at the heart of any work and project is an idea. More than 30 people participated in a brainstorming session, which resulted in an idea. The idea of creating a warrior squad, whose prowess on the battlefield would be undeniable.

Realizing your need for truly strong female characters that demonstrate power and independence, we have created strong female characters in a new author's vision - soon they will be available for your wargames!

Concept of Miniatures by DakkaDakka for TTRPG


Our backers deserve the best - that's why we want to create for you something you haven't seen before. The work is boiling and every day we are getting closer to our goal! Take a look at the prototypes of our "Order of Repentance" miniatures: behind each miniature is a craftsman with his own creative vision. This is what allows us to create each fighter with a unique personality, with his own legend.

Miniatures from DakkaDakka's Order of Repetance set for wargame and TTRPG

From darkness to victory: elite heroines

Bravery and courage know no bounds! We noticed that the world of wargaming really lacks powerful combat units with female miniatures. While creating this project, our team took inspiration from the world of dark fantasy and the games of Dark Souls and Blasphemous series. We hope that this project will become a real decoration of your collection and will give you many hours of exciting battles in the world of wargaming.

Meet the "Order of Repentance"

The result is the concept of the elite "Order of Repentance", which includes: 

  • Over 350 STL files that will allow you to create unique miniatures;

  • 9 unique heroes that will bring new strategic options to your game;

  • 9 top-of-the-line squads;

  • Powerful technique;

  • The extra bits are compatible with the official sets and can be used in other TTRPGs!

Miniatures from DakkaDakka's Order of Repetance set for wargame and TTRPG, work in progress

Stay tuned!

Your support and interest are of the utmost importance to us. Your participation not only inspires us, but also contributes to our growth and development. Don't miss the opportunity to keep up to date with all news and events - join our Discord!

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