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The Dawn of The Crimson Wings: The Latest Tabletop Collection Launch

We are pleased to announce that the project has now officially started for The Crimson Wings collection, a new addition to the tabletop gaming world. This launch marks an important development in our company, driven by detailed feedback and collaborative efforts with the gaming community.

The crimson wings project launch

Genesis of The Crimson Wings

The idea for The Crimson Wings originated from a desire to merge the heroic elements of ancient mythology with the dynamic storytelling of modern superhero tales. Created to serve as a bridge between legendary stories and contemporary gaming, The Crimson Wings aims to provide a distinctive gaming experience. The project was brought to life through the support and suggestions from our backers on Kickstarter and Discord, reflecting a true community effort.

The crimson wings kickstarter project

The Crimson Wings set itself apart with an expansive array of offerings:

  • Over 450 STL Files: From intricate heroes to formidable vehicles, each model is crafted with precision and designed to inspire awe on the battlefield.

  • Six Unique Heroes: These champions of the cosmos are not only pivotal to the strategies they inspire but also bring the lore of The Crimson Wings to vivid life.

  • 50+ Easy-to-Build Models: For those eager to dive right into the fray, these models require minimum assembly, making it easier than ever to start playing.

  • Massive Vehicles: Dominating the landscape, these behemoths add a new layer of tactical gameplay and visual flair to any match.

  • Full Compatibility: Each piece can seamlessly integrate with miniatures from our other projects and original collections, offering unparalleled customization options.

One of the highlights of this launch is the exclusive miniature available only to our Early Bird backers and Special Pledge backers — an intricate piece featuring the unique flamingo mascot. This collectible is not just a model but a symbol of the project's soul, adorned with flamingo motifs to stand out on any battlefield.

The crimson wings flamingo mascot

Explore Our Exciting Range of Add-Ons

To further enhance your gaming experience, The Crimson Wings collection offers an exclusive range of add-ons designed to customize and expand your armies. These include:

  • Fallen Warriors: Bring the battles to life with beautifully detailed models of fallen heroes, adding a touch of realism and history to your game board.

  • Bases and Decorations: Customize the foundation of your miniatures with a variety of bases, complete with ornate decorations.

  • Ancient Era Weapons Set: Arm your warriors with our Ancient Era Weapons Set.

  • Backpacks: Equip your heroes with versatile backpacks, perfect for any warrior needing extra gear on the battlefield.

  • Interchangeable Heads: Personalize your champions with two sets of interchangeable heads; one set features distinct female warrior heads, allowing for greater diversity in your hero lineup.

  • Vehicle Decor: Adorn your massive vehicles with exclusive decor items that enhance their formidable presence and reflect their legendary status in the lore of The Crimson Wings.

  • Shoulder Pads Set: Complete your warriors' armor with a set of sculpted shoulder pads, each designed to signify rank, allegiance, and power within the cosmic battles of The Crimson Wings.

Each of these add-ons has been crafted with the utmost attention to detail and is intended to make every game a unique and immersive experience. Whether you’re setting up for a skirmish or preparing for a full-scale campaign, these additions will bring depth and personalization to your tabletop adventures.

The crimson wings add-on

The Impact of Your Support

Every pledge, every vote, and every piece of feedback has directly contributed to the growth and depth of The Crimson Wings collection. By supporting us, you have helped us expand the boundaries of what is possible in tabletop gaming, allowing us to introduce more models and more stories into this ever-evolving world.

As fundraising begins, we invite you to explore the opportunities and stories that The Crimson Wings offers. This collection isn't just about gaming; it's about creating narratives and experiencing legendary battles crafted from your strategies and imagination.

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