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Where Ancient Valor Meets Wargaming

Step into a cosmic odyssey as we fuse the might of ancient Rome with the allure of modern gaming in Legio Prima Victrix.

Brace for history's heroes reborn in intricate detail across 300 STL files, each dimension, groove, and nuance meticulously measured for your ultimate enjoyment.

Check not only for printing errors, but also for compatibility.

Crafting Immersion: STLs & Physical pledges

Follow the pulse of history in both the digital and physical worlds. Legio Prima Victrix goes beyond screens, offering not only digital miniatures but also their tangible counterparts. Now the valiant force of Roman legends can grace your tabletop battles in stunning form - if you don't have a 3d printer, no worries.

Countdown to Glory: Launching on September 12

The stars align on September 12, launching Legio Prima Victrix onto the cosmic stage. Join the saga that bridges eras, and witness ancient valor unfurl in the grip of modern marvels. Prepare to embark on a journey where the past and future fuse into a realm of awe-inspiring tabletop wonders.

Do you want to check the details? Of course!

Download free demo bits

Embrace Your Cosmic Destiny

Forge your legacy with us as Legio Prima Victrix emerges from the crucible of history. With both digital and physical options, this project invites you to become a part of a legacy that spans epochs and transcends dimensions.

Sign up now to secure your place among the stars and bring the spirit of ancient Rome to your gaming table.

Sign Up Now to wield history's might in both realms.

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