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BASES - decorative bits with texture
for terrain and dioramas

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Welcome to our first project about bases! We are excited to present to you a diverse collection of 3D printed bases that will enhance the aesthetics of your miniature models, terrain, and dioramas. With 4 themes and a whopping 162 different bases, hobbyists and gamers will have ample options to choose from and create unique and immersive scenes for their tabletop wargames, board games, or miniature collections.

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Overall, this project offers a wide range of benefits for hobbyists and gamers who want to enhance the look and feel of their miniature models and dioramas. Our high-quality bases will provide the perfect foundation for your miniatures, giving them an immersive look and feel. The project presents the following dimensions of the bases: 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 65mm, 90x52mm, 100mm, 105x70mm,120x92mm, 130mm.

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To make things even better, you get all the bases at once without waiting for stretch goals to unlock and we've created tiers at a very low price to meet your needs and budget. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality bases, regardless of their financial situation.


One of the benefits of supporting this project is that we also offer free STL files of flat bases without texture for subscribing to our project. These bases serve as templates for all bases and will provide you with the ability to create your own custom designs using the base dimensions provided. This will enable hobbyists and gamers to personalize their bases, making them unique to their specific needs and preferences.


Promo Blank Template for Bases x9

Join us in bringing some excitement and variety to your tabletop gaming experience!
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