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BFV vol. I "Kolossale Kampfpanzer"

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Welcome to our new project: Kolossale Kampfpanzer - tank proxy models, vehicles for tabletop wargaming! In this project, we are offering a range of high-quality manually pre-supported, test printed proxy tank models that are perfect for 28mm scaled tabletop wargames.


In total in the project will be presented 1 tank hull (Width 135mm, Height 100mm, Length 235mm), 3 tank turrets and 8 main guns which will allow you to collect 8 different vehicles: 3 of them are presented in the Core set, 5 as Stretch goals (find more in the Milestones section).

Let's take a closer look at what this project has to offer:


1. Untergang Spitze - Known for its unmatched firepower and formidable armor, the massive super-heavy tank is a rolling fortress capable of crushing anything smaller than it. Despite its lack of maneuverability, it remains a favorite of commanders who use it to lead offensives or defend against attacks. The tank requires a crew of ten to operate it, and it is equipped with powerful weapons, including tactical planning equipment to facilitate communications and strategic planning. Its versatility has led to the creation of specialized versions, which are also featured in our project. Despite its slowness and vulnerability to anti-tank attacks, the Untergang Spitze remains one of the oldest and most iconic tanks used by humans.

Untergang Spitze.png

2. Untergang Hauhammer - this powerful piece of machinery is designed to be a devastating force on any wargaming battlefield. Its highly detailed design features a turret and an intricate shell-loading system, allowing you to shoot shells that create massive explosions and send lethal shockwaves through enemy lines. Increase your army's combat effectiveness and shield it from the onslaught of enemy fire with this model.

Untergang Hauhamme.png

3. Inferno Hauhammer - this super-heavy tank is designed to provide suppressive fire thanks to its unstable atomic charges. Its large size may be intimidating, but it also allows you to traverse difficult terrain with ease. The Inferno Hauhammer's slow speed and limited maneuverability are compensated with immense firepower that can turn the tide of battle in a wargaming scenario.

Inferno Hauhammer.png

4. Gespenst Gladius - forged from the fires of conflict and designed for maximum destruction, the Gespenst Gladius is the ultimate weapon to dish out tons of damage in a wargaming session. This super-heavy tank features cutting-edge weapons that can take out enemy lines with ease and its reinforced armor provides unparalleled protection against whatever comes your way. With its impressive durability, you’ll be able to outlast endless waves of enemies to ensure victory. Join forces with this powerful addition to your miniature collection.

Gespenst Gladius.png

5. Untergang Gladius - a formidable addition to any tabletop wargaming army, designed to obliterate enemy vehicles and make swift breaches in fortifications. Its superior mobility compared to the Gespenst Gladius makes it an excellent choice for any miniature collector looking to use it as a formation centrepiece.

Untergang Gladius.jpg

6. Verhängnis Hauhammer - an armoured behemoth for your tabletop wargaming needs. This super-heavy tank is designed to breach any armour and obliterate even the most powerful battle robots. The increased crew capacity also provides an advantage over other tanks in the field.

Verhängnis Hauhammer.png

7. Gestöber Gebieter - perfect for eliminating infantry and light vehicles, and its large interior can transport almost an entire platoon of your troops. It's equipped with a powerful main gun with an impressive range and accuracy, making it a terrifying tool in any tabletop battlefield. The Gestöber Gebieter is ready to be unleashed against your enemy forces.

Gestöber Gebieter.png

8. Gestöber Gladius - a powerful weapon for any tabletop wargaming battlefield. This short-range tank is designed to handle close quarters combat, with impressive speed and agility. It's perfect for urban or jungle campaigns where its maneuverability can be put to the ultimate test. Ideal for collectors of miniatures, the Gestöber Gladius is sure to make an impressive addition to your arsenal.

Gestöber Gladius.png

Bits pack for Terrain and Dioramas - 5x barrels of varying degrees of damage, 5x 20mm high anti-tank urchins, 5x 30mm high anti-tank urchins (torn leg and helmet are scaled to match), 5 crates of varying degrees of damage (2 of them with separate covers), 3 anti-tank landmines, bullets and shells which will perfectly complement your models of vehicles, terrain and dioramas.

Bits pack for Terrain and Dioramas.png

Panzerwaffenteam - was created to serve as a heavy assault tank designed to assault fortified lines. Dimensions of the model (by enclosure): 86 mm long, 43.5 mm wide, 43 mm high. Includes 5 guns of different caliber and range, depending on your preference.


Our project offers 4 pledge options that allow backers to access different sets of tank models:

I - Feldwebel: Core set

3 vehicles (1 tank hull, 2 turrets, 3 main guns).

II - Oberst: Full set

Core set + unlocks + add-ons.

III - General der Panzertruppen: Merchant set

Full set + 1 year commercial license for all unlocked stretch goals, add-ons and core set.

Note: If you are already our merchant on Tribe or Patreon, you do not need to purchase a separate license for the project.

IV - Oberst: Early Bird

Full set with 25% discount (only first 72 hours available).


All of our tank models are available as STL files that are presented as unsupported and manually pre-supported files. We have already test printed all models to ensure they are of the highest quality and will look great on your gaming table. Each model is designed to be compatible with a variety of tabletop game systems, and backers will be able to print them with ease using their own 3D printer.

Note for Lychee users: We use chitubox files for models, so if you use Lychee, it may produce false errors. Never use the Repair tool from Lychee, because it will corrupt the file. Feel free to ignore these errors and printing should go without problems. If you want to heal these files, use the Repair tool through the Windows 3D Builder utility.


We will assemble and paint a tank model from the project for you in the near future. This will give you an idea of what you can expect from the final product.

Join us in bringing some excitement and variety to your tabletop gaming experience!
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