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July 16 on Kickstarter

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Welcome to Underholme, the picturesque village that hosts the annual Brewmaster's Festival—a grand celebration where dwarves from different kingdoms showcase their finest brews.

This year's festival was supposed to be a harmonious gathering, but it turned into the legendary Great Beer Brouhaha. From the shadowy kingdom of Voidland came Olger Dreadquake, master of the Doom Dark Stout, a brew so dark it absorbs light. From the sunlit realm of Steelhill arrived Gero Steelhammer, with his Sunshine Ale, a radiant drink that sparkles like liquid sunlight. 


The judges declared both brews equally magnificent, but Olger and Gero couldn't accept a tie. Their bickering escalated into a full-blown brawl, with tankards flying and dwarves grappling in a hilarious melee.

Now, the Voidland Dwarfs and Steelhill Dwarfs are at odds, each determined to outdo the other in brewing—and everything else. Join the fun and choose your side in the most epic conflict Underholme has ever seen!


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