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Self-printed tabletop game
"Rock Head. 
Gangs Arena"

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Rock Head. Gangs Arena

15th of April

Genre: skirmish wargame

Number of players: 2 

Duration of the game: 20-30 minutes.

Complexity of the rules: medium


This new game for two players is an exciting and engaging project, a tactical turn-based strategic competition. The game takes place on an open field, where players control various battle units. The aim of the game is to defeat your opponent with tactical maneuvers and power. All units have unique properties, all battles take place in unique and interesting ways, and the tactical depth provides an additional adrenaline rush, which is always welcome!

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Rock Head City


The world is plunged into chaos. States have been destroyed, and in their place have risen mega-states that are fighting for domination of the planet. The lives of ordinary people are of no interest to them at all. Resources are limited and distributed from the centers-capitals. Resources must go to the strongest, so once every six months there's a death match. Where teams of provincial districts fight in the arena for the right to live in the world.

In the city of Rock Head, the streets are ruled by gangs who are seriously preparing for the games and are willing to do anything to win. Therefore, the Gangs Arena of this city attracts a lot of interest from spectators.

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