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Scylla Legion - STL models for wargames

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Scylla Legion on FRONTIERS

Greetings! Do you love constructors? We do.

We offer you our new project with a huge number of parts for unique conversions. Complete freedom of creativity and no limits!

266 STL files, with which you can assemble many unique miniatures just like the ones from the picture above!


Core set (battle brothers squad build-kit):

  • 8 heads

  • 15 shoulder pads

  • 5 bodies

  • 5 legs

  • 6 backpacks

  • 1 cloak

  • 4 types of hands (9 pose total)

  • 4 types of hands with spear

  • 6 types of melee weapons (with and without hands)

  • 3 types of Heavy Rifles (with different variations of the hands)

  • 4 types of sniper rifles (with different variations of the hands)

  • Fusion rifle with different variations of the hands

  • Plasma rifle with different variations of the hands

  • Heavy and plasma pistols

  • 11 free hands bits

  • 3 shoulder guards

  • 32mm bases

3 Unlocks:

  • Assault Brothers squad build-kit

  • Destroyers squad build-kit

  • Lord-Master Brother “Agemon”

2 Addons:

  • Engineer Brother “Sethlans the Blacksmith”

  • Archivist Brother “Nethuns the Tidal Wave”

Battle Brothers squad build-kit

all2 (2).png

Assault Brothers squad build-kit

all2 (1).png
all1 (2)_edited.png

Destroyers squad build-kit

all1 (1)_edited.png

Lord-Master Brother “Agemon”

Lord Agemon2.png
Lord Agemon4.png

Engineer Brother “Sethlans the Blacksmith”

Sethlans the Blacksmith1.png
Sethlans the Blacksmith4.png

Archivist Brother “Nethuns the Tidal Wave”

Nethuns the Tidal Wave1.png
Nethuns the Tidal Wave4.png



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