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A Closer Look at Millennium Wars: A Tactical and Lore-Rich Project

Updated: 2 days ago

The Millennium Wars project presents an engaging combination of strategic gameplay and rich lore, bringing a fresh outlook to tabletop gaming. Central to this project are the thoughtfully crafted factions and their unique leaders, who are anticipated as future unlocks, enhancing the game's strategic depth and player anticipation.

Noctis Horrors vs Black Lionc Richard the lion heart

Core Set Composition

The foundation of the Millennium Wars is robust, designed to be universal. The Space Knights serve as the neutral faction, commanded by Princeps Justiciar, their HQ. This central figure ensures that even neutral players can engage with the game at a strategic level, providing a balanced power dynamic against more specialized factions.

Noctis Horrors vs Black Lionc princeps justiciar

The Black Lions: The Knights of the Circle

The elite squad of the Black Lions, known as the Knights of the Circle, boasts a versatile build kit of 43 parts, complemented by 10 easy-to-build models. These models are designed for quick assembly, allowing players to field their forces efficiently while enjoying the depth of customization that the build kit offers.

Noctis Horrors vs Black Lionc the knights of the circle

Noctis Horrors: The Dismembers

Mirroring the elite nature of their Black Lions counterparts, the Dismembers of the Noctis Horrors come with their own build kit, consisting of 31 parts. Like the Knights of the Circle, they also feature 10 easy-to-build miniatures, ensuring that players can quickly bring these formidable fighters to the tabletop.

noctis horrors vs black lions dismembers

Neutrals' Tactical Backbone: Princeps Cohort

The general tactic for neutral players is embodied by the Princeps Cohort, a substantial set that includes a massive build kit and over 50 easy-to-build models. This unit forms the backbone of the neutral faction, providing both the bulk of the army and the flexibility to adapt to various tactical situations.

noctis horrors vs black lions  Princeps Cohort

Technological Might: Triarius Dread

The technological prowess of the neutral faction is showcased through the Triarius Dread, a formidable unit with multiple armament options. 

Additional Features

The project also features the Ancient Era Weapons Upgrade pack, which focuses on aesthetics by providing a collection of beautifully designed weaponry. This pack allows players to visually customize their units with distinctive, era-themed arms, enriching the overall look and feel of their armies.

noctis horrors vs black lions weapon


Millennium Wars is more than just a set of models; it's a carefully crafted project that balances tactical depth with engaging lore. For those looking to dive deeper into this richly designed universe, stay tuned for more updates and expansions.

Whether you're strategizing over the assembly of your units or planning your next battlefield conquest, Millennium Wars promises a thrilling tabletop experience. Join us on this adventure, and see how your tactics stack up against the lore of the universe!

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