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Ages of Aether: Dominions. Bring grand battles to your tabletop

Imagine leading vast armies, engaging in epic military campaigns, and commanding legions of troops. However, you're often limited by the size of the models and the complexity of the rules in most tabletop games.

What if you could change that? What if you could have a game that allows you to simulate massive battles with ease and precision?


Welcome to the Ages of Aether: Dominions, our newest tabletop game that transforms your wargaming experience. Our game features small-scale models (10-30 mm), enabling you to field large armies and execute grand strategies.

Despite their size, these models pack variety and thoughtful design. Each of the 3 original factions offers 9 unique unit options, including epic dreadnoughts, fearsome monsters and colossal vehicles.

Designed as a Sci-Fi wargame on an epic scale, we aim to provide rules that allow for a quick and enjoyable gaming experience. The approximate time for one game session is only 1 hour.

Our progress so far

The working version of our rulebook is in the final stages of refinement.

Almost all unit concepts are completed, with the exception of two Shinsei units. 

We’re currently working on transforming our concepts into the actual models. The Ravenous Battlesphinx and Sharpshooter are going through a test printing, while the Berserker is in the development process.

We've also reworked the core mechanics to make the game more tactile and operational. Our new system for calculating unit point values ensures balanced gameplay, though further testing is needed. We’re also writing mission options and additional mechanics to enhance the experience and allow players to command an army with minimal rules.

Community involvement

Our subscribers played a crucial role in shaping Ages of Aether: Dominions. We conducted surveys to select the best unit concepts, and the chosen designs have been brought to life. 

Together we chose the best concept of the Ravenous Battlesphinx:

concept of the Ravenous Battlesphinx

voting results

concept of the Ravenous Battlesphinx2

voting results2

Based on the chosen concept, we’ve created a model that is currently being test printed.

the Ravenous Battlesphinx test

Overcoming Challenges

Creating a game of this scale is no easy feat. We've faced numerous challenges, from perfecting the miniature designs to balancing the gameplay mechanics. But each hurdle has only made us more determined. We're working hard to deliver a game that meets your expectations and provides a unique wargaming experience.

Currently we’re focused on creating unique and recognizable designs for each unit to ensure effective identification and management of units on the battlefield.

Right now we’re also faced with the difficulty of selecting the best poses for our models. With limited space on the bases, it was crucial to choose poses that not only looked dynamic and realistic but also utilized the available space efficiently. This involved a lot of trial and error, as well as feedback from our community, to ensure each model stands out on the battlefield.

Vote for the best concept

Join us in the selection of the concept for the Thunder Sanctuary unit! Cast your vote for the concept that captivates you most, and the version that got most votes will be crafted into a stunning model.

Vote for the best concept

Participate and share your feedback in this survey -

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