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Deep Dive: The Modular Design of the Fortress of Vengeance

In our previous article, we introduced you to the Fortress of Vengeance, highlighting its key features and components. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at what truly sets this terrain piece apart: its modular design. The Fortress of Vengeance is not just a static structure; it's a customizable terrain that adapts to your strategic needs and personal preferences.


The Power of Modularity

One of the standout aspects of the Fortress of Vengeance is its modularity. This design approach allows you to reconfigure the fortress in countless ways, ensuring that no two setups are ever the same. Whether you’re preparing for a specific scenario or simply want to change things up for variety, the Fortress of Vengeance offers unparalleled flexibility.

Customizing Your Fortress

Interchangeable Buttresses

The Fortress of Vengeance comes with a standard set of buttresses, but the customization options don’t stop there. We offer a large selection of alternate buttresses from different factions, allowing you to change the look of your fortress walls. Each faction brings a unique aesthetic advantage, letting you tailor the buttresses.

interchangeable buttresses

Flexible Wall Placement

The transitional walls in the Fortress of Vengeance can be arranged in multiple configurations. Create enclosed fortresses, open defensive lines, or intricate labyrinths to challenge your opponents. The flexibility in wall placement allows you to design your fortress layout to fit any tactical need or creative inspiration.

Modular Bunker

One of the key unlocks for the Fortress of Vengeance is the modular bunker. This two-floor structure can be used in various configurations: you can set up the 1st floor, the 2nd floor, or both together to create a formidable stronghold. The modularity of the bunker adds significant strategic depth to your games, allowing you to adapt the structure to different scenarios and tactical needs.

modular bunker

Cannon Mount Options

Whether you place the cannon on a platform or atop the tower, it adds a dynamic element to your fortress, changing how you defend against or attack your foes.

Addons for Even More Variety

To further personalize your fortress, consider the available addons:

Alternate Cannon Version: Swap out the standard cannon for a different model to keep your opponents guessing.

Alternate Walls and Buttresses: With these options, you can continually refresh the look and functionality of your fortress, ensuring it remains a versatile and engaging centerpiece for your games.

Alternative Walls and buttresses

The Fortress of Vengeance’s modular design offers endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to create a fortress that is truly your own. Whether for gameplay or display, the flexibility and variety in design make this terrain piece a valuable addition to any tabletop collection.

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