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Eclipse of Brotherhood: The Tale of the Black Lions and Noctis Horrors

This story began in the Ancient Era, when Corruption crawled from the void of Dark Space, destroying human worlds.

 Noctis Horrors vs  Black Lions kickstarter campaign

Once upon a time,

Richard the Lionheart and Sefiron the First Claw were brothers in arms, commanders of valiant warrior monks. Shoulder to shoulder, they fought against the creatures of Corruption that emerged from the depths of Dark Space. However, blinded by ambition and greed, Sefiron led his followers into the dark embrace of Corruption itself. He founded the Noctis Horrors, a renegade order. In response, Richard and his Black Lions declared their former allies their most formidable enemies, thus igniting an irreconcilable confrontation.

 Noctis Horrors vs  Black Lions

Black Lions

The Black Lions emerged from the ancient warrior monks. They are known for their unwavering dedication to combatting the forces of Corruption. The Black Lions wear imposing, ornate armor that is black with accents of gold and deep red. They uphold a strict code of honor and believe in self-sacrifice without any expectation of reward or recognition. Their primary mission is to hunt down any threats from the Corruption and to maintain vigilance against their former brothers, the Noctis Horrors.

Noctis Horrors

Noctis Horrors were founded by Sefiron the First Claw after his betrayal and subsequent embrace of the Corruption. Originally part of the same order as the Black Lions, they broke away to forge a darker path. They wear armor that is often festooned with chains, and the bones of their enemies. Noctis Horrors are driven by a belief in the supremacy of power and the utility of fear as a weapon. Their attacks are merciless and designed to terrorize regions before striking.

 Noctis Horrors miniature

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