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Introducing Millennium Wars: A New Project Coming Soon

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our Kickstarter campaign for Millennium Wars, a groundbreaking series of miniature collections. Millennium Wars isn't just another set of miniatures; it's a comprehensive series that brings narrative depth, strategic diversity, and high-quality craftsmanship to your tabletop gaming.

free stl from millennium wars vol1 campaign

The Core of the Series: Space Knights Base Set

At the heart of Millennium Wars is the Space Knights Base Set. This set serves as the foundation for all the campaigns in the series, providing a robust selection of neutral models that players can utilize repeatedly. Designed for sustainability, the Space Knights will be available as an add-on in subsequent campaigns, allowing players to expand their collection without unnecessary duplication.

noctis horrors vs black lions kickstarter campaign

Dynamic Factions: The Black Lions and Noctis Horrors

The first campaign kicks off with two intriguing factions: the Black Lions and the Noctis Horrors. Drawing inspiration from iconic warrior archetypes, these factions offer unique aesthetics and playstyles. The Black Lions exude nobility and strength, serving as the bulwark against darkness, while the Noctis Horrors, twisted by malevolent forces, bring terror and chaos to the battlefield.

A Series Built with the Community

Millennium Wars is designed to grow and evolve with the input of our community. Each campaign will introduce new factions and scenarios, driven by player feedback and creative contributions. This ongoing development ensures that the series stays fresh and relevant.

Why Join the Millennium Wars?

Millennium Wars provides more than just miniatures; it offers a platform for creativity and shared adventure. Each model is crafted with attention to detail and compatibility in mind, ensuring they fit seamlessly into popular wargames, particularly those set in the Ancient Era. Additionally, the modularity of the models allows for extensive customization, giving players the freedom to personalize their armies.

free stl from millennium wars vol i

Get Involved

As we gear up for the Kickstarter launch, we invite you to become part of the Millennium Wars community. Join our Discord to engage with other enthusiasts, share your ideas, and stay updated with exclusive previews of new models and campaign developments. Your support and feedback are crucial as we bring this exciting project to life.

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