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Master class on terrain placement

Wargame is not just a game with miniatures, it's a world where every detail matters. One of the key aspects that gives the game vibrancy and realism is the terrain, the physical embodiment of the battlefield. A properly designed terrain not only decorates the wartable, but also brings strategic variety to the game. Are you ready to plunge into the world of grandiose battles? Today we will reveal the secrets of creating a terrain that will bring your battles to life!


The art of terrain placement: tips

Wargame has no hard-and-fast rules for terrain layout, but there are some tried-and-true guidelines:

  • Choosing a theme and scale: Start by determining the theme - will it be dystopian urban ruins or abandoned alien landscapes? 

  • Balance and Strategy: Spread the terrain evenly across the game table. Remember that each player's side of the field is determined randomly, so you need to ensure a level playing field.

 industrial terrain

  • Freedom to Maneuver: Leave enough space for units to move. Too much terrain can limit the dynamics of the game.

  • Lines of sight and cover: Create interesting hiding places and lines of sight that allow players to employ different strategies.

  • Game Scenarios: Consider game scenarios when placing terrain. Different missions may require unique configurations.

terrain example

Your imagination is the only limit!

Creating a wargame terrain is not only about enhancing your gaming experience, it's also an opportunity to be creative. Experiment, try new approaches and share your unique creations with our community. Subscribe so you don't miss out on the latest news and useful guides!

craater terrain

You can find any kind of terrain in our store! Here are some of them you saw in the first picture:

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