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Feedback Tips

We are committed to continually improving our miniatures and appreciate your feedback. To help us respond effectively to your feedback and suggestions, we have developed the following tips for submitting feedback:

👉 STL files: If your problem is related to STL files, provide details including the file name and a description of the problem.

👉 Printing Problem: If you are having trouble printing, provide the full print settings you used and make sure your printer is calibrated according to the manufacturer's instructions. For mono LCD printers, we recommend the following settings:


🎲 For units:
layer height - 0.03mm
exposure time - 3 sec
🎲For vehicles and terrain:
layer height - 0.05mm
exposure time - 4 sec

However, remember to make adjustments for resin other than standard resin and use the settings that are best for your printer and resin.

👉 Photo-Comparison: For questions regarding the scale or proportions of the miniatures, please attach photos for comparison with the original miniatures. Also include the name of the original miniature for an accurate comparison.

👉 Detailed Description: Give us a detailed description of the problem or suggestion so that we can solve it as effectively as possible. Your feedback can be sent to us via mail or preferably in the thematic channel on our Discord server, or this channel. 

We encourage civility and constructiveness in all discussions to maintain a positive and productive community.

Thank you for your help in improving DakkaDakka.Store and for your continued participation in our community.

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