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The Crimson Wings are a faction of elite, fearless warriors who stand as unyielding guardians against the enemies of humanity. The "Crimson Wings" Core Set offers an extensive collection of over 450 STL files, including 6 unique hero models, 4 army-building kits, and 3 vehicles to crush opposing forces on the tabletop. Backers can take advantage of the campaign's start as Early Bird to acquire a comprehensive starter collection for assembling a full-fledged army.

Millennium Wars Series - Inaugural Campaign
The Millennium Wars series marks the beginning of a new saga of tabletop campaigns featuring the Space Knights. This innovative series is designed to grow and evolve, with each campaign introducing thematic factions that add depth and variety to the foundational gameplay. In this first project, players will encounter the Black Lions and Noctis Horrors.

Millennium Wars Series: Project Composition

  • Over 350 distinct STL files, offering a wide range of parts and accessories for extensive customization.

  • Includes three comprehensive kits

  • Nine unique hero figures, each with bespoke designs

  • Over 100 Easy-to-build miniatures: Spend less time assembling, more time strategizing

  • The Compendium: The ultimate project handbook

Millennium Wars: Fortress of vengeance

Introducing the Fortress of Vengeance: Customizable Terrain for Tabletop Warriors!

Dive into the heart of battle with our latest creation, the Fortress of Vengeance. Crafted with the fierce spirit of resistance, this terrain set is a modular battlefield, ready to adapt to your strategic and aesthetic demands.

The true strength of the Fortress of Vengeance lies in its customization.
hange out buttresses and rearrange walls to suit the needs of your battle or display. Whether you're staging an epic conflict or crafting a detailed diorama, this set provides everything you need for a dynamic and visually striking tableau.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to claim your Fortress of Vengeance!

Grimworld: Battle for Underholme
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