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Whether you seek a vast interstellar force or an elite cadre of battle-hardened champions, the Scylla Legion 2.0 project has been crafted to fulfill your every desire. Each model is a unique creation, ensuring that your tabletop battles become mesmerizing spectacles, captivating allies and foes alike.

Better scales
In this chapter, we have meticulously reimagined and upgraded scale of original models that formed the core of the original Scylla army, infusing them with fresh vigor and unyielding power.

Better characters
Scylla 2.0 introduces an awe-inspiring array of new heroes and vehicles, each with their own unique abilities and strengths, offering endless possibilities for strategic mastery on the battlefield.

Better victory
Great triumph awaits those who dare to conquer the battlefield with relentless warriors of Scylla legion. Forge new alliances, deploy ingenious tactics, and rewrite the destiny of your wargaming universe with our team!

If you are a fan of tabletop gaming, you know that the right enhancements can make or break a gaming session. Whether it's a stunning miniature of your favorite character or an intricately designed dungeon wall, enhancements can take gameplay to the next level.

Not much time has passed since our first base project, but the list of improvements we are preparing is beyond description. Whether you're a seasoned tabletop gamer or a newcomer to the scene, you know that part of the fun is creating and customizing your game environment.

Base Boost is a new Kickstarter project that takes that to the next level. With 3D printable enhancements for fantasy and sci-fi games, Base Boost lets you bring your gaming world to life like never before.

Unleash your creativity! Create your own unique board game miniatures with our stunning 3D parts that allow you to endlessly change their appearance and character. Take your miniatures to the next level!

Don't limit yourself to standard sets and figures. With our 3D parts, you can create unique characters, vehicles and more. Choose from a variety of accessories. Share your creations with other players and be inspired by their work.


Enjoy creating and playing with our 3D parts from Wargame Bits Vol.IX: Pactum Aeternum!

Ages of Aether: Eye of the Storm

The description will appear here very soon

The long expected update of Stormbringers project!
Vikings & wolves nordic STL models for your game. A fully 3D printable bits for wargames.


The description will appear here very soon

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