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Wargame Armies Vol. III: 
Silver Moon Daughters
STL models for wargames

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Silver Moon Daugthers

"In the realm of shadows, our lunar beacon shall guide you."


As their sacred duty intertwines with fate's mysterious tapestry, the Silver Moon Daughters become beacons of shimmering hope. Their unwavering determination ignites like a supernova, piercing the dark with a radiant glow. The universe itself seems to hold its breath as these celestial warriors, embodying both strength and grace, embark on their celestial odyssey, where each twist and turn reveals new wonders and challenges to conquer.


Though their path is fraught with challenges, the Silver Moon Daughters never waver in their quest to vanquish threats to humanity. They are a symbol of hope and resolute determination, reminding all who witness their valorous deeds that even in the darkest times, the radiant light of the Silver Moon shines brightly.

6th of June

Greetings, friends!


We are thrilled to unveil our latest project in the Wargame Armies series: the magnificent Silver Moon Daughters Kickstarter campaign! Prepare for an epic celestial journey, as we unleash over 100 STL-models, bringing the inspiring Silver Moon Daughters army to life.


Immerse yourself in a world where celestial warriors clad in resplendent armor descend upon the battlefield. With our wide range of intricately detailed models, including warriors and vehicles, you can assemble an army as diverse and radiant as the stars themselves.


Stay tuned for the official launch on July 28th, when we will open the celestial gates to the Kickstarter campaign. Be among the first to pledge your allegiance to the Silver Moon Daughters, and secure your place in history as a defender of light and justice.


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Join us in bringing some excitement and variety to your tabletop gaming experience!
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