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Wargame bits vol. III
"Apostate Legions"

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Apostate Legions on FRONTIERS

7th of March

True faith in the One God the Father is ruined. An ancient sin is out of control, and now there is no stopping it…


At the center of the ancient world, brutal and bloody stories were being told. Fighting, the ancient warriors encountered not only the indescribable horror of the spawn of the vast abyss but also the main enemy of the defenders of the homeworld - Doubt.


Now our team is working on the third release of our massive project Wargame Bits - Elder Warriors. These are four new factions dedicated to renegade warriors: Sons Of Luna, Hope Devourers, Fire Preachers, and Firstborns of Blood.


This is more than +150 STL models: multiple unique collections of bits, bases, and other stuff for wargames.


The project launches March 7 on Frontiers - subscribe now and be notified when it starts. 

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