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12th of September Legio Prima Victrix 

on Kickstarter

Legio Prima Victrix

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In a distant era where galaxies collide and civilizations clash, Legion Prima Victrix emerges as a beacon of hope and a testament to unparalleled valor. Its reputation reverberates throughout the cosmos, a force unyielding, led by charismatic hero models destined to etch their names into the annals of legend. From intrepid warriors to colossal war engines, each model in this project is meticulously designed to radiate unrivaled detail and character, encapsulating the essence of noble resilience.



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300+ STL 

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Witness the awe-inspiring might of the Legio Prima Victrix, a magnificent army of wargame models poised to conquer the vastness of your gaming table. Step into the seventh installment of the Wargame Bits series by DakkaDakkaStore, as we unveil a project unlike any other. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey into the realm of imagination, fueled by over 300 captivating STL files, including voluminous sets of beats, intimidating equipment and heroic warriors. Join our Kickstarter campaign that will redefine the way you experience tabletop gaming!



About the project

This extraordinary Kickstarter project showcases a breathtaking assortment of over 300 STL files, curated with utmost care to provide collectors, painters, and gamers with an unrivaled range of options to assemble and customize their ideal celestial army.

Whether you seek a vast interstellar force or an elite cadre of battle-hardened champions, the Legio Prima Victrix project has been crafted to fulfill your every desire. Each model is a unique creation, ensuring that your tabletop battles become mesmerizing spectacles, captivating allies and foes alike.

Features of Legio Prima Victrix


Heroic Models of Unparalleled Grandeur: Command your army with awe-inspiring hero models that embody presence and command respect on the battlefield. Each character possesses a unique narrative, adding depth and personality to your wargaming experience.


A rich collection of STL files: With an expansive variety of over 300 files, unleash your creative vision and forge a truly bespoke celestial army. From seasoned veterans to cutting-edge celestial constructs, the possibilities are boundless.


Impeccable 3D Printing Experience: Delight in 3D printing with our high-quality files: our models are ready to print, expertly supported, and have undergone thorough test printing in our very own workshop, ensuring the highest standard of craftsmanship for your wargaming endeavors.


Exclusive Kickstarter Rewards: Subscribe now and get exclusive rewards including free demo models and special offers. Don't miss the launch notification and Earle Bird discount for the fastest backers!

Prepare to immerse yourself in a universe of boundless imagination, as the Legio Prima Victrix awaits your command. Gather your forces, assemble your army, and brace yourself for the rise of the legendary legion!

Core set

core set_.jpg

As a special bonus, anyone who subscribes to the project before the start of the campaign will receive a free test model that they can print and try out for themselves

Legio Prima Victrix Promo Model1.png


Impetum Alis Squad

1 (1).jpg

Homer The Psylliad


Scouts Sniper Squad


Download this bits for free now!

Legio Prima Victrix Free Bits Pack1.png

Legio Victrix Colossus


Agamemnon The Cohorte Commander


Gravis Princeps Squad


Quintus Aexius "The Conditor Legio Prima Victrix"



Our very first unlock will greet you with a wonderful gift from GreyTide Studio . Double bonus for reaching milestone!

Special unlock - Fireforge pack
from GreyTide Studio


Legio Prima Victrix ASV

анлок 1.jpg

Impetum Alis Squad


Homer The Psylliad

анлок 3.jpg

Scouts Snipers Squad

анлок 4.jpg

Suppor Turret

анлок 5.jpg

Legio Victrix Colossus

анлок 6.jpg

Vexillum upgrade Pack (Veteran)

анлок 7.jpg

Agamemnon The Cohorte Commander

анлок 8.jpg

Gravis Princeps Squad

анлок 9.jpg

Quintus Aexius The Conditor Legio Prima Victrix

анлок 10.jpg

Veigar Prima Manus

анлок 11.jpg

Airus Cursors Squad

анлок 12 копия 2.jpg

Tacet Vestiga Squad

анлок 13 копия2.jpg

Fully funded!


addon 1 .png
addon 2.png

Physical Add-Ons

physical add-ons for site0,5x55.jpg


Legio Prima Victrix Promo Model1.png

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