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Tales of Bob: the story of a wargame Legend

In the dark, mystical world of Wargame, on a remote planet lost among the vast expanses of the galaxy, a squad known as the Stormbringers emerged. These fearless warriors, symbols of strength and bravery, became the defenders of their world and the entire universe.

Wargame, a miniature of the legendary warrior Bob from the "Stormbringers" squad.

From a simple guy to a man

At the center of these heroic tales is Bob, once an ordinary bannerman, now a legendary son of the storm. His story began in a harsh environment where every day was a challenge, each one only making him stronger. Bob's father, noticing the strength and determination in his son's soul, began training him in martial arts. With each new challenge, Bob grew stronger and wiser as he immersed himself in a world of adventure and challenge.

Gift from the sky

When the sages of the ancient Order of the Four Winds came to him, Bob, like the other warriors of his race, was trained in the art of controlling the elements. From mere warriors, they transformed into the powerful Sons of the Storm and became known as the Stormbringers - those who commanded the power of lightning and wind. Their will and new gifts worthy of the gods led them to space travel in search of worthy battles and glory.

A spaceship flies through space next to a frozen planet, "Stormbringers 2" wargame set

Facing death

The first major challenge for "Stormbringers" was a mission to destroy a giant monster known as the “Hell Eater of Planets”. This creature threatened to destroy the entire known wargame universe. Despite the terrifying power of the enemy, the warriors of the squad, driven by the lust for glory and immortality in legends, bravely met it face to face.

A hellish planet eater from the wargame universe, devouring a planet

The outcome of the battle

The battle with the “Hell Eater of Planets” itself is shrouded in mystery. There are various rumors - whether you believe them or not is up to you. However, in all the stories there is a story about a warrior named Bob, who thrust the “Stormbringers" banner right into the creature's skull, thus sealing the victory.

Legend was born here...

Since then, Stormbringers have become a symbol of bravery and indestructibility, winning countless battles and inspiring stories and legends. And now, you can be a part of this epic story. Introducing the exclusive "Stormbringers 2" miniatures set, the epitome of heroism and coolness. In the set you will find:

  • Miniatures of commanders, each with a story of greatness embedded in them;

  • Miniatures of mighty riding werewolves;

  • Over 250 unique STL miniatures, compatible with official sets and our other sets (read more here)

Set of miniatures "Stormbringers 2" for wargame with the description of the set

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