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Unlocking the mysteries of army compatibility and scale

Updated: Jan 26

Hi, old generals and new recruits of the Warhammer world! Have you ever had the problem of excitedly unpacking a new army kit and finding that it is not compatible with your current miniatures? If so, that's unfortunate, but there's no need to despair. In this post, we'll dive into the depths of the Warhammer scale and tell you how to improve and expand your army without the hassle!

 tormbringers 2 scale

Millimeter solves EVERYTHING

DakkaDakka understands how important the correct scale and size of miniatures is. Our miniatures and bits from the upcoming "Stormbringers 2" set are created with perfect precision, ensuring flawless compatibility and aesthetic unity between the various "Stormbringers" sets, "Stormbringers 2" and other official sets. Our subscribers deserve the best, and we are dedicated to the details - from the scale to the quality of each miniature!

Stormbringers 2 scale table

Unlock the potential of each miniature

  • Discover the unknown: you can choose a set from a wide range of kits, where every detail fits perfectly with both our exclusive kits and official products.

  • Create a unique army: combine elements from different sets and create the army you've always dreamed of. Each fighter will reflect your personality and strategic vision.

  • Personalize your favorites: with our kits, you can make your favorite fighters stand out on the battlefield by giving special features and a unique look.

  • Give a second life to veterans: your battle-roasted fighters can be given new life by upgrading their armor or changing their weapons, for example with the “Pactum” set, in which you'll find 250+ STLs!

pactum aeternum bits are compatible with stormbringers 2 models

Large-scale battles are waiting!

Enter a world where your tabletop heroes become alive! DakkaDakka presents unique, stunning miniatures that will transform your collection and bring you into the epic battles of your fantasies. All of our kits are compatible with each other and with official kits. Enjoy the beauty of the detailed models and let your army shine on the battlefield in full glory. Build, fight, and win in your tabletop adventures. It's not just a game - it's your story, your glory, your moment of triumph! Subscribe and don't miss the news!

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