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Upcoming fantasy project | Painting contest


Hey, guys! We’re thrilled to Introduce our upcoming project - “Grimworld: Battle for Underholme”, launching July 23rd on Kickstarter.

“Grimworld: Battle for Underholme” -

Fantasy projects now from Dakka.Fantasy

This project marks the beginning of an exciting direction for our company – Dakka.Fantasy. Under this brand, we’ll be releasing a range of fantasy models designed for popular TTRPGs.


At Dakka.Fantasy we’re committed to bring you the same high-quality models and exceptional service that you have come to expect from DakkaDakkaStore, but now with a fresh focus on the fantasy genre.

What is the lore behind “Grimworld: Battle for Underholme”?

Check out the full lore in our previous article -

What does the project include?


And most importantly - all the models are compatible with the FB, D&D, AoS, OPR and other popular game systems.

“Grimworld: Battle for Underholme” - 

Participate in the activities and get rewards!


Our Discord server -


Survey on the composition of the “Grimworld: Battle for Underholme” -


Participate and have your name featured in the campaign!

Check our more activities here -

Painting contest 

Another awesome activity is the painting contest! 

Painting contest

So be sure to subscribe to the campaign and get 2 models for free!

“Grimworld: Battle for Underholme” -

Free models

Or download the other 2 models for free from our MyMiniFactory -

Free models2

Join the project, participate in the activities and choose your side in the most epic conflict Underholme has ever seen!

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