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WIPs of our new project: Jorogumo

We're gearing up for our upcoming wargame project, and we once again need your help in choosing the design for a new unit: the Jorogumo mutants of the Shinsei Empire.

Jorogumo is one of the varieties of mutants that the Shinsei Empire employs in its armies. These products of botched immortality rituals are guided into battle by sentient undead, but the likes of Jorogumo retain a fraction of their intelligence and personality, which makes them considerably more dangerous than an average zombie. These creatures are nimble navigators, able to effortlessly traverse even the most difficult terrain and outflank the enemy. 

We've created a few different designs for the Jorogumo. Head on over to our poll and cast your vote for the design you think captures their essence. We are still not sure what melee weapon would be the best pick for them, so we’d greatly appreciate your suggestions and ideas.

Don't miss out on your chance to leave your mark on our game!

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