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Wips of our new project: Last Dawn Battlemech

The production of our wargame is going on at full steam. We are back and ready to present a new unit from the Technocracy of Yuessia roster. Introducing the Last Dawn Battlemech:

While the Technocracy is at the forefront of technological advancements, they still rely on humans to execute advanced combat protocols and operate machines with greater efficiency. Piloting the Last Dawn Battlemech is the feat of courage reserved for those who have little to lose. The giant construct’s combat potential is amplified tenfold by a pilot at the expense of their synapses gradually fried to a crisp. The mortally wounded would-be pilots are collected in battles by the machine itself to be then trapped in a chamber, stabilised and given regular jabs of stimulants. They avenge themselves and their fallen comrades until they expire; ejected, they are replaced with new ones who see it as the ultimate honor to go down in flames. Their lifespan is a couple of weeks at best, though there are rumours of the select few that have surpassed it. 

Vote for your favourite sword option and leave your comments here and we will see you in the next project update: 

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