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Wips of our new project: Shinsei Empire design poll

A new faction is in development! Meet the Shinsei Empire, reigned by sentient undead.

As a nation, the Shinsei Empire is shaped by a real possibility of life eternal. Its citizens spend years untethering themselves from mortal attachments and learning to rein their emotions in. The culmination of this spiritual journey is a ritual; they willingly invite aether entities to possess them. A lack of fears and desires for the spirits to take advantage of makes it easier to overpower and absorb them, becoming Incorruptible. Those who fail have their souls ejected into the void and their bodies - transformed into eldritch monstrosities and mindless undead that become the bulk of Shinsei army.

But as always, before we finalize the design, we want your input! Huge thanks to everyone who has participated in the previous poll. We've prepared a new one with a couple of questions regarding this unit. Your feedback will shape the aesthetics of this new faction, so don't miss this chance to make your voice heard!

Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks!

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