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WIPs of our new project: The Sphinx

The roster grows! Another little update as we prepare to release a dev blog showcasing our progress on the mechanics so far. We need your input regarding another Oasis Zephyros unit:

There is a common misconception that Oasis Zephyros is a backwater civilisation with limited access to technology. It is a deadly misconception; while they have not reached the heights of Yuessia, both their mounts and their battle chimerae are supplied with weapons and augmentations that make them a force to reckon with. What the tribes cannot construct, they loot during raids. The Sphinx is a prime example of that: a gargantuan mutated feline that cleaves through the enemy ranks with ease, utilising both its natural strength and powerful laser weaponry it is equipped with.

As always, we invite you to participate in the poll and share your thoughts:

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