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Scylla Legion 2.0
is coming soon

1st of November Scylla Legion 2.0 on Kickstarter

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In the vast tapestry of history, one enigmatic brotherhood rises above the rest—the Scylla Legion, renowned as masters of subterfuge and deception across the galaxies. These warriors, descendants of a long-forgotten empire, have forged an indomitable legacy with origins veiled in obscurity.

What sets the Scylla apart is their uncanny ability to transform not just their tactics but their very identities. Like chameleons, they seamlessly change their appearance, allegiance, and essence. Though the Scylla's ultimate objective remains a closely guarded secret, rumors persist that they hold knowledge capable of reshaping the fate of the cosmos itself.

Amidst the swirling tempest of war, the Scylla Legion remains a force shrouded in mystery—a riddle to be solved, an enigma that casts a serpentine shadow across the universe's battlefields. The question persists: Will you dare to uncover the secrets they safeguard, or shall you fall prey to their ever-elusive schemes?



Test printed

250+ STL 

Free demo model

Modular miniatures

Pre-assembled miniatures

Compatible with popular wargames

Prepare to embark on an epic journey into the realm of strategic warfare as the DakkaDakka.Store team proudly presents Scylla 2.0, the eagerly anticipated evolution of our first Wargame Bits project, Scylla Legion. Building upon the foundation of the beloved Scylla army from our previous endeavor, Scylla 2.0 emerges as a transformative force in the wargaming universe, delivering a host of exciting updates and additions.

About the project

Whether you seek a vast interstellar force or an elite cadre of battle-hardened champions, the Legio Prima Victrix project has been crafted to fulfill your every desire. Each model is a unique creation, ensuring that your tabletop battles become mesmerizing spectacles, captivating allies and foes alike.

Better scales

In this chapter, we have meticulously reimagined and upgraded scale of original models that formed the core of the original Scylla army, infusing them with fresh vigor and unyielding power.

Better characters

Scylla 2.0 introduces an awe-inspiring array of new heroes and vehicles, each with their own unique abilities and strengths, offering endless possibilities for strategic mastery on the battlefield.

Better victory

Great triumph awaits those who dare to conquer the battlefield with relentless warriors of Scylla legion. Forge new alliances, deploy ingenious tactics, and rewrite the destiny of your wargaming universe with our team!

Features of Scylla Legion 2.0

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Heroic Models of Unparalleled Grandeur: Command your army with awe-inspiring hero models that embody presence and command respect on the battlefield. Each character possesses a unique narrative, adding depth and personality to your wargaming experience.

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A rich collection of STL files: With an expansive variety of over 300 files, unleash your creative vision and forge a truly bespoke celestial army. From seasoned veterans to cutting-edge celestial constructs, the possibilities are boundless.

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Impeccable 3D Printing Experience: Delight in 3D printing with our high-quality files: our models are ready to print, expertly supported, and have undergone thorough test printing in our very own workshop, ensuring the highest standard of craftsmanship for your wargaming endeavors.

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Exclusive Kickstarter Rewards: Subscribe now and get exclusive rewards including free demo models and special offers. Don't miss the launch notification and Earle Bird discount for the fastest backers!

Prepare to immerse yourself in a universe of boundless imagination, as the Scylla Legion 2.0 awaits your command. Gather your forces, assemble your army, and brace yourself for the rise of the legendary legion!

Core set

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As a special bonus, anyone who subscribes to the project before the start of the campaign will receive a free test model that they can print and try out for themselves

Wondering if it's worth it? That's okay! Try our demo bits and check them out. Just subscribe and download it for free

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Pharacrit Dragonborn Lord

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Scout Dragon Hunters

анлок 1 копия 3.jpg

Exod the Quiet

анлок 1 копия 4.jpg


анлок 1 копия 5.jpg

Cauros Apothecary

анлок 1 копия 6.jpg

Viral Bottom Walker

анлок 1 копия 7.jpg

Banner Guy Bob

анлок 1 копия 8.jpg

Alfarat The First Twin

анлок 1 копия 9.jpg

Scylla Cultists

анлок 1 копия 10.jpg

More unlocks is coming

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