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30th of January Wargame bits vol.X: Stormbringers 2 on Kickstarter

With set "Stormbringers 2", your tactical options are limitless. Elevate your army with these new additions and let your foes quiver at the sight of your upgraded legion. The battlefield awaits, and with the Stormbringers at your command, every skirmish is a step towards legendary victory.


30 January on


Join the Storm
Embrace the storm. Back "Stormbringers 2" on Kickstarter and be part of a new era in tabletop gaming. Forge your legend!

About the project

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Painted miniatures

Painter: @serg_repas

A New Breed of Warriors

Stormbringers are not just soldiers; they are a force of nature. Clad in armor as unyielding as the mountains and spirits as unbreakable as the gales, they bring a new level of dominance to your gaming table. These elite warriors, trained by the revered Order of the Four Winds, blend the arcane and the martial into an unstoppable maelstrom of war.
What's New in "Stormbringers 2"?

The set "Stormbringers 2" is the pinnacle of our efforts. We broke all the standards, mode a breakthrough and did something unprecedented. Cold-blooded warriors will bring a new wave of excitement, and the game promises the owners of the set exciting battles and an interesting combat experience.

Commander Miniatures:

Lead your forces with the new Commander figures, each a masterpiece of strategy and strength, adding depth and complexity to your tactical play.

Ferocious Werewolves:

Unleash the new werewolf miniatures, perfect for fans of intense conflicts.

Expanded Armies:

The sets have grown, allowing you to assemble a vast legion of Stormbringers, ready to enact your grandest strategies.

Flexible Purchasing Options:

Choose the standalone Stormbringer 2.0 set or combine it with the original at a special bundle price, crafting an unparalleled army.

Interchangeable Bits:

Mix and match components from both sets for endless customization, bringing your personal vision of the Stormbringers to life.

More details:

In the set you will find 250+ STL and compatible with popular wargames pre-assembled miniatures and free demo model.

Scaled for Glory:

all miniatures are now a commanding 36 mm in size, enhancing their presence and compatibility.

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