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Wargame Bits Vol. XI:
Order of Repentance

Is live on Kickstarter

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About the project

In the forgotten corners of the wargame universe, where even a whisper is offensively loud, and words of repentance spread across the void without finding a listener, a mysterious order was born...
Every plate of their armor is soaked in blood. And when the soldiers of the Order march in battle, the very air shakes, unable to bear the weight of their countless sins.

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Behold the "Order of Repentance"! These martial warriors will terrorize the soul of even the most battle-hardened enemy soldier, making him hold back tears. These mercenaries are one of the best acquisitions for any commander involved in TTRPGs. Gorgeous warriors, with hot blood and hearts of stone, ready to take on the challenge and waiting for your order to start a new battle!

Each piece is designed with care so that you can create models that are just right for you. By the way, you can use the bits from this set and use them to personalize miniatures from other sets! 

Paint the miniature the way you want and give each miniature a special story and character! And of course, all models are test-printed, we optimize the models for 3D printing so they stay strong but use as little resin as possible.

These miniatures not only look great, but also awaken your imagination, transporting you to the wonderful world of galactic battles in the vastness of the wargame universe. "Order of Repentance" is not just a set of miniatures, it is a gateway to the world of victory!


Breaking the pattern

Detailing that is worthy for warriors

You'll find in the campaign

Over 350 STLs: these bits will allow for an unprecedented level of customization and creativity, ensuring that your army is as unique as your approach to the game;

Pre-supported: you will get unsupported and supported versions for all models, including all unlocked stretch goals;

Test printed: to make sure everything is perfectly constructed, we always do a test print. Each of our models featured in this project has already been successfully test printed;

Compatible with popular wargames: each dimension, groove, and nuance of our models meticulously measured for compatibility with popular wargames;

Unique heroes: control the battlefield with 9 never-before-seen heroes, each with their own story and abilities;

Elite Squads: elevate your army with nine

top-of-the-line squads, designed for those who demand excellence in every facet of the game.

Heavy vehicles: assert your dominance with powerful heavy machines that inspire awe and fear in equal measure. 

Universal extra bits: expand your gaming experience with

sets of extra bits.

The "Order of Repentance" set is perfect for wargame veterans and newcomers alike.

These figures can be used in a variety of TTRPG combat scenarios, creating endless possibilities for your in-game battles.

Work in progress

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Infinite possibilities: create your story

Immerse yourself in a world of galactic battles and endless adventure with "Order of Repentance". These miniatures, created with advanced 3D printing technology, will open the doors to the exciting world of wargaming. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of the legend, leading you to new victories and discoveries. Support our project and start your journey in the world of TTRPG with "Order of Repentance" today! Your army is waiting for you, commander. Onward to victory!

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