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Conquering the sky with Crimson Wings

Updated: Apr 12

Hard times create heroes whose stories are filled with courage and absolute loyalty to their mission. Crimson Wings is not just a troop. It is a symbol of unwavering strength and bravery. They are rugged warriors, thirsty for blood and victories. It's time to spice up the wargame with some unique miniatures. And Crimson Wings is exactly what you need.

A miniature for wargame with an axe, wearing armor, holding a blaster and axe and carrying a backpack with wings on a black-red-gray background. Inscription on the right in white LEGEND OF THE CRIMSON WINGS

Every story started somewhere

According to legends, Crimson Wings were created by the Last Gods, dwelling in a fading cosmos. On the eve of their final act, dedicated to saving the universe through the sacrifice of their own life force, they realized the risk of impending darkness due to a lack of restraining power.

Then the Last Gods gathered the sick and abandoned from all corners of the galaxy and promised them a new life. The gods strengthened their physical form, modified their genes, and granted them the memories and experiences of legendary warriors of the past, thus improving their fighting skills and turning each member of Crimson Wings into an invincible force capable of standing alone against hordes of enemies. 

However, this gift also became their curse. Those of them who lived long enough became delirious and began to feel the pain of their fallen comrades. For the members of the Crimson Wings, an honorable and warlike death was far preferable to eternal torment in oblivion, and for that they gained elite status, becoming a symbol of bravery and greatness.

Bits for the wargame miniatures set. Black and red background, shields, spears, banners, swords, axes, legs, bodies, miniatures, centered with large inscription AND MORE...

Gifts and free bits

It's time to join the Crimson Wings legend and become a part of this great story. You can experience the power and spirit of these bloodthirsty warriors yourself by downloading the exclusive Crimson Wings warrior miniature and demo bits for free on the project page!

Armor wargame miniature on the left and helmet, shoulder pad, sword and other wargame bits on the right. Inscriptions above is FREE MINIATURE and FREE BITS SET

Join us now

Buckle up, we're going up! It's time to add something new and unique to your collection. Crimson Wings is waiting for its general, who's ready to lead them into battle. So what are you waiting for?

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2 commentaires

It’s nice to see the character models arms, bodies, backpacks, and shoulder pads come in separate parts. It really offers better customization and ease of painting in sub assemblies. I really wish the same had been done with the Stormbringers 2 project like DakkaDakka told me they would… That was a huge disappointment. I haven’t printed most of the characters from that project for that reason. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have backed it if I had known that. Glad to see you moving in that direction with this one. The sculpts look great! Unfortunately, I’m not a BA fan though.

En réponse à

Thank you for your feedback regarding character models. While it's true that some of our previous character models were monolithic, we have also provided models with 3 to 6 separate parts in the Stormbringers project.

Striking a balance between modular design and unique character aesthetics is a challenging endeavor, as is often difficult to reconcile the two while also respecting intellectual property rights.

However, we acknowledge your concern and want to assure you that we are continuously striving to improve. In our upcoming project (The Crimson Wings), you'll find that character models are more modular than usual, allowing for greater customization and flexibility.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to refine our approach, aiming to deliver the best possible…

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