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How to save your miniatures: longevity tips

Losing a fighter in battle is not a pleasant thing, but such a fighter will be able to fight in the next match. It's much worse if your miniatures have deteriorated for other reasons. Today we will talk about how to take care of your miniatures so that they will serve you faithfully for many years.

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Why do miniatures deteriorate

Each miniature is not just a pawn on the battlefield, but a whole story that you create with your own hands. They will please you with their presence and perfect appearance for many years, if you take care of them. Your miniature warriors face many dangers: falling off the table while playing, humidity and sunlight. And how to avoid all this - read below.

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The secrets of the immortality of miniatures

Our team has put together some tips to help you protect your miniatures, and here's what we recommend:

  • Careful handling. This is the foundation of the basics. Remember that every time you pick them up, your miniatures feel it - paint can flake off, especially on thin, protruding parts of the miniature. Use glossy, semi-matte, or matte varnishes to help set the paint on the miniature and give a definite glossy or matte effect;

  • Storage. Use specialized cases or containers that will protect them from dust, light and temperature fluctuations. Store miniatures where children or pets can't reach them;

  • Repairs and Restoration. Things don't always go according to plan, and sometimes your warriors can get "wounded". Minor paint damage can be repaired yourself and broken parts can be glued back together, but if things seem difficult, don't hesitate to call in the professionals;

  • Care and cleaning. This should become your regular habit. A soft dusting brush will help keep them in pristine condition.

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Stay tuned!

We at DakkaDakka value each and every one of our subscribers and believe that together we can keep the stories of our miniature heroes alive for years to come. Thank you for being with us!

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