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New project in progress: The Crimson Wings

Updated: Mar 27

In our workshops, where magic is born, work is already in full swing on the new exclusive Crimson Wings miniatures set. This is one of our most ambitious projects - in the core set you will find 450+ bits, which will definitely become the gem of every wargames and role-playing board games fan's collection!

Bits for the wargame miniatures set. Black and red background, shields, spears, banners, swords, axes, legs, bodies, miniatures, centered with large inscription THE CRIMSON WINGS in red-gold and emblem, inscribed in white WORK IN PROGRESS below

We pay special attention to the quality of the miniatures. Each model is made in prime scale, which ensures perfect compatibility and harmony with other popular wargame sets and miniatures from our past projects. Well, that’s time to get familiar with some miniatures from the core set we're working on right now!

Crimson Wings Tactical Squad

Each squad member is a story of courage and cold-bloodedness. Their unique shields, armor and helmets will make your enemies tremble!

Bits for the wargame miniatures set. Shields, spears and swords on the left, pistols, blasters, bolters in the center, shoulder pads, carcasses and legs

Crimson Wings Destroyers Squad

Specialized in destruction, a heavy squad armed to the teeth with all kinds of firearms - that's what you need in any battle, whether it's an assault, siege or base defense. These 5 fighters with a steely temperament will bring you not one step closer to victory, but a mile!

Bits for the wargame miniatures set. Shields, pistols, shoulder pads at the top, machine guns and arms in the center, battle hammers and legs at the bottom, and the inscription CRIMSON WINGS DESTROYERS SQUAD at the very bottom

Crimson Wings Honour Squad

Honor, dignity and wings - that's what adorns any warrior. Majestic and winged fighters with formidable melee weapons will inspire your troops and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Bits for the wargame miniatures set. On the left are large banners, in the center are legs, helmets, swords and axes, below is the inscription in white font CRIMSON WINGS HONOUR SQUAD

Printed bits for a set of miniatures, CRIMSON WINGS HONOUR SQUAD TEST PRINTED at bottom

About the pre-assembled miniatures

And for those of you who don't want to spend time assembling miniatures, we've included a few squads of pre-assembled miniatures in the set! We will tell you about them and much more later, so don't get lost - join our Discord, where you can learn about all the updates.

Magnificent commanders

The Crimson Wings set includes battle-hardened commanders who will firmly and confidently lead your army to victory!

Bits for the wargame miniatures set, squad leaders and inscriptions below CAPTAIN DARIUS, GREAT CREATOR HATHIS, LAZARUS

Printed miniatures and bits and bobs, inscribed at the bottom CAPTAIN DARIUS TEST PRINTED

Free bits and miniature

You can get a free miniature by subscribing to our project's page. You will receive the model immediately after subscribing. And don't forget to check out the free set of bits on our MMF!

Left miniature in armor, center emblem and inscription THE CRIMSON WINGS in gold lettering, right FREE BITS SET

How can you help this project?

As we prepare to bring this project to life, we want to ensure that it resonates with your interests and preferences.  We invite you to participate in this poll to help shape the composition of The Crimson Wings project, including its Core Set, Unlocks, and Add-ons. Your voice matters, and we're eager to hear from you. We look forward to your valuable contributions and thank you in advance for your time and enthusiasm!

Stay tuned!

We have lots of exciting things ahead of us. We continue working to ensure that each miniature is not just a model, but a key to the stories that you will create soon. Join us on this exciting journey and become part of the legend with Crimson Wings!

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