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Meet the Factions of "Grimworld: Battle for Underholme"

In "Grimworld: Battle for Underholme," two distinct factions of dwarfs clash in an epic battle for dominance. Each faction brings its unique strengths, weaknesses, and iconic units to the battlefield, creating a diverse gameplay experience. Let's dive into the details of the Voidland Dwarfs and the Steelhill Dwarfs.

Grimworld: battle for Underholme cover

Voidland Dwarfs

The Voidland Dwarfs are a formidable faction known for their mastery of dark magic and high-damage capabilities. Led by Olger "Dreadquake," these dwarfs thrive in the shadows, using their powerful spells and monstrous creatures to overwhelm their enemies.

Unique Character: Olger "Dreadquake"

Olger "Dreadquake" is the fearsome leader of the Voidland Dwarfs. A master of dark magic, Olger commands his troops with an iron fist and a sinister grin. His presence on the battlefield is both a moral boost for his allies and a terrifying sight for his foes.

Olger "Dreadquake" from Grimworld: Battle for Underholme project

Base Set Description

  • Voidland Dwarf Build Kit: 43 parts total

  • Voidland Dwarf Pre-Assembled Models

  • Olger Dreadquake: 1 pre-assembled model

  • Bulltaurus Cavalry Team: 15 parts total

  • Artillery Cannons Team: 7 parts total

Voidland dwarf build-kit  from Grimworld: Battle for Underholme project

Army composition

  • Voidland Dwarfs: 10 models with shields and axes or hammers. 

  • Voidland Berserker: 5 models with paired axes.

  • Voidland Shooter: 10 models with riflesor shotguns.

  • Bulltaurus: A monstrous unit with paired axes.

  • Gobz Slaves: 10 models with rifles and bows or any melee weapon.

Bulltaurus  from Grimworld: Battle for Underholme project
  • Mass Damage Magic: The Voidland Dwarfs' mastery of dark magic allows them to deal massive damage to multiple enemies.

  • High Damage with Shooters: Their ranged units can inflict significant damage from a distance.

  • Monstrous Creatures: Units like Bulltaurus add a layer of brute strength to their army.

  • Cheap Cannon Fodder: Gobz Slaves provide a cost-effective way to swarm and distract the enemy.

Cannons from Grimworld: Battle for Underholme project


  • Short Range of Riflemen and Artillery: Their ranged units have limited reach, requiring them to get closer to the enemy to be effective.

  • High Cost of Units: Many of their powerful units come at a high cost, making it crucial to use them strategically.

Steelhill Dwarfs

The Steelhill Dwarfs are the noble and radiant warriors, known for their resilience and tactical prowess. Led by the valiant Gero Steelhammer, these dwarfs embody the spirit of righteousness and honor.

Unique Character: Gero Steelhammer

Gero Steelhammer is the inspirational leader of the Stellhill Dwarfs. With his unyielding courage and brilliant tactics, Gero leads his troops to victory time and again. His leadership strengthens the resolve of his warriors and strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies.

Gero Steelhammer from Grimworld: Battle for Underholme project

Base Set Description

  • Steelhill Dwarf Build Kit: 44 parts total

  • Steelhill Dwarf Pre-Assembled Models

  • Gero Steelhammer: 1 pre-assembled model

  • Artillery Cannon: 13 parts total

Steelhill dwarf  build-kit  from Grimworld: Battle for Underholme project
Army composition
  • Steelhill Warriors: 10 models with shields and axes or shields and hammers.

  • Steelhill Rifle-men: 10 models with rifles.

  • Steelhill Elite Warriors: 5 models with double axes or paired hammers.

  • Steelhill Flamethrowers: 5 models with flamethrowers.

  • Steam Bomber and Steam Flyer: Flying units that excel in aerial combat and provide support to ground troops by attacking from the skies.

 CAnnons 2 from Grimworld: Battle for Underholme project
  • Flying Units for Destroying Infantry: The Steelhill Dwarfs' flying units eliminate enemy infantry and provide aerial support.

  • Strengthening Infantry with the Lord: Lord's presence bolsters the abilities and morale of the Stellhill Dwarfs' infantry.

  • Runic Spells Weakening the Enemy: Their use of runic magic weakens enemy forces, making them easier to defeat.

 Rune master from Grimworld: Battle for Underholme project
  • No Offensive Magic: Unlike the Voidland Dwarfs, the Steelhill Dwarfs lack powerful offensive magic.

  • No Monsters: Their army does not include monstrous units, relying more on tactical prowess and strength.

One Page Rules

"Grimworld: Battle for Underholme" allows you to enjoy it as a standalone game with its own unique rules or integrate it seamlessly with One Page Rules (OPR). OPR for both the Voidland Dwarfs and the Steelhill Dwarfs are now complete and ready for action. 


The clash between the Voidland Dwarfs and the Steelhill Dwarfs in "Grimworld: Battle for Underholme'' offers players a dynamic gameplay experience. Each faction's unique strengths and weaknesses create opportunities for various strategies and playstyles. 

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the world of "Grimworld: Battle for Underholme" and don't forget to participate in our survey to help shape the future of the game!

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