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Miniature painting odyssey

In the far, dark reaches of the Wargame Universe, where war and battles never subside for a moment, there is one art that can awaken heroes and demons from their plastic slumber. That art is painting miniatures. A magical process that transforms inanimate figures into colorful and lively characters of the great saga! Today we invite you on a journey through the world of bright colors, where each step is a step to create a unique character, its history and expression of individuality. Let's find out how to bring the characters from "Stormbringers 2" to life step by step!

Stormbringers 2 painted miniatures

Preliminary Preparation

  • Before you begin, you'll need an arsenal of basic tools: 

  • Quality brushes of various sizes;

  • Acrylic paints specifically for miniatures;

  • Primer (black, white or gray); 

  • A wet palette (or regular palette) for mixing paints;

  • Clean water for rinsing brushes;

  • Matte or glossy varnish for finishing.

 painting miniatures


The first step in painting a miniature is priming. Primer not only improves the adhesion of the paint to the surface, but also brings out the details of the figure, making them more visible. The choice of primer color depends on what primary colors will be used. Black primer creates shadows and adds depth, white primer makes colors brighter, and gray primer is a universal option.

Applying the base color

After the primer has dried, apply the base color. Start with the largest areas and gradually work your way down to the smaller areas. It is important to use thin coats of paint so as not to "drown out" the details. Wait until the paint is completely dry before applying the next coat.

Shadows and highlights

Let's move on to creating shadows and highlights. Use darker shades for shadows and lighter shades to emphasize the protruding parts. This will add volume and realism to your miniature. You can use techniques such as dry brushing or washing to enhance or soften contrasts.

Adding details

Now it's time for the details that give character to your miniature. These can be eyes, buckles on clothing, symbols or jewelry. Precision and patience are important here. Use very fine brushes and try not to overwhelm them with paint.

Finish coat (Optional)

Once the miniature is completely dry, apply a protective layer of varnish. The choice of varnish depends on your preference: matte varnish will give a more realistic look, while glossy varnish will make the surface bright and shiny.

Stormbringers 2 painted miniatures

Try. Create. Enjoy!

Every miniature is an opportunity to express yourself. Don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques, colors and styles. Remember that practice and patience is the key to mastery in this art. Enjoy every moment of creativity and let your army be as unique as you are!

Stay tuned!

Friends, we appreciate each of you and your love of miniatures. We invite you to be a part of our exciting new story. Support us, sign up for our updates, and join the community of Stormbringers 2 fans. Together we create more than just games - we create stories and legends. Support our project and let's make "Stormbringers 2" even more legendary together!

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