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Rising to new heights with "Order of Repentance"

Greetings, friends! Squad of female-miniatures for tabletop role-playing game and collectibles has already launched, which means it's time to learn all the secrets and finally decide for yourself if you'll be leading a squad of mini warriors!

You got what you were waiting for

You wanted more parts, unique and quality models that are compatible with other kits? Well, now you'll get it! Considering the experience of previous campaigns, we decided that we needed to improve the process of creating our miniatures to perfect design, scale and detailing. So, the process of creating the fighting ladies was divided into several stages:

  • Stage 1 - Measurements. We purchased miniatures from various popular kits and measured all significant parameters. We did this so that our miniatures were visually similar to exactly match the sizes and proportions of miniatures from other kits for better compatibility. 

  • Stage 2 - Adjustments. We created prototypes before going into mass production, which allowed us to see all potential issues live, which we successfully corrected.

  • Stage 3 - test printing. After several iterations of improvements, the prototype was printed for final testing. All of this ensured perfect compatibility with other popular kits and high quality miniatures.

Detailed sizing chart

Order of repentance scale table

Full project composition

Let the enemies tremble! Created from the dream of unrivaled warriors to destroy sinners, this order is a symbol of bravery, and each figure is the epitome of strength and fortitude. In the “Order of Repentance” set you get:

  • Over 350+ STLs files to create your unique army;

  • A "Sisters of Minor Guilt" squad that includes 117 bits and 7 pre-assembled miniatures;

  • “Sisters of Redemption” squad of 30 parts and 5 pre-assembled miniatures;

  • 3 miniatures of Epic Commanders with unique abilities;

  • Vehicles that provide full dominance on the battlefield;

  • Bits and miniatures of the “Order of Repentance” squad are fully compatible with other popular sets, giving you the ability to mix miniatures, weapons and armor to create a unique army;

  • All miniatures are test-printed and maximally optimized for 3D-printing.

Order of repentance build kits

Gifts for support and activity

As in previous projects, we are introducing a system of Milestone, reaching which you will be able to get unique rewards - and what kind, you will find out on our Kickstarter. You will also get a social unlock. Here everything is simple: you are active in social networks, and we give you gifts - don't miss it!

Miniatures "Retribution Angels", "Herald", "Avatar of Mourner"

It's time to join us!

Your support and interest is extremely important to us. If you have any questions, please email us or message us in our Discord channel. By the way, we also have a question: are you ready to join the “Order of Repentance” campaign to lead the holy warriors and direct their light and power to destroy the enemies? Make up your mind, we are waiting for you!

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