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Scale and compatibility: "Order of Repentance"

Hi friends! Today you'll find out the latest news about our “Order of Repentance” project, which launches on March 12. Our new project of female-miniatures desire to bring something unique to the world of tabletop gaming and collecting, and one of the main aspects we have focused on is the size of the miniatures.

scale and compability of order of repentance

Process improvement

Our team has improved methods for creating miniatures. Faced with certain challenges, we turned it to opportunities to improve our project. We armed ourselves with feedback from the last project and took the process of designing miniatures even more thoroughly. Comparing our miniatures to the miniatures of most popular wargames, we went through several stages of refinements and re-testing, allowing us to achieve a high level of compatibility between the “Order of Repentance” set and other popular wargame sets.

test primed miniatures from order of repentance campaign

Improvement in size and proportion

We paid special attention to sizing so that our miniatures would fit most other popular miniatures. In working on the models, we have taken into consideration:

  • Height;

  • Length;

  • Volume;

  • Proportion.

And now miniatures from the "Order of Repentance" set are fully compatible with other popular miniatures. You will be able to use bits from the "Order of Repentance" set in other sets and mix miniatures, weapons, armor from different sets to create your unique army!

Here is a detailed size chart (all sizes are in mm)

size table

Stay tuned!

The project is in the final stage of preparation, so you will get it as quickly as possible - without long waits. We are sure it will bring joy and satisfaction to all fans of miniatures. As a reminder, the campaign launches on March 12 on our Kickstarter, and your support is very important to us. Together we will make the world of board games even more amazing and diverse!

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