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Sneak Peek: Unveiling the Work-in-Progress of Silver Moon Daughters

Get ready for an behind-the-scenes trip into the highly anticipated project, Silver Moon Daughters. In this article, we offer you a tantalizing preview of the mesmerizing miniatures and captivating designs that lie ahead.

The Art of Design

Marvel at the detailed armor, meticulously crafted weaponry that breathe life into these miniatures. This sneak peek offers a glimpse into the level of artistry and dedication poured into each piece, ensuring that they are truly exceptional works of art.

From Prototypes to Reality

Do you remember making a choice among our concepts? There is still a lot of work ahead, but everything that is happening has come about because of you and your participation.

Experience the thrill of witnessing the prototypes of Silver Moon Daughters as they take shape. While still in the refinement stage, these prototypes give a promising indication of the remarkable final products that will soon grace tabletops everywhere.

The work-in-progress of Silver Moon Daughters is a testament to the passion and dedication of our team. We work through the characters' personalities, clothing, poses, weapons, and little extra details that will allow you to be freer in your conversions making and character uniqueness.

This is just a small fraction of what's on our designers' desks right now.

Stay tuned for further updates and be among the first to witness the final transformation of these prototypes into awe-inspiring, ready-to-use miniatures. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about the latest developments.

Join us as we eagerly anticipate the moment when Silver Moon Daughters takes its rightful place on your gaming table.

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