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Soon they'll be yours: "Order of Repentance" miniatures

As the chill of winter recedes, the flames of battle beckon, our friends. The theater of war demands not just courage but a command over forces that inspire awe and fear in equal measure. Enter the "Order of Repentance" - a legion of valiant warriors and your key to turning the tides of war in your favor.

Crafted with unparalleled dedication, our team has poured heart and soul into bringing these miniatures to life, ensuring that what awaits you is nothing short of brutal elegance. Allow us to unveil the vanguard of your future victories.

Miniature of a robot on a gold background with the inscription "Check out what we're working on!"

Sisters of Redemption

These figures are stunningly detailed and unique, each carrying weapons as unique as their determination. They can lead your assault or become masters of tactical maneuvers. Compatibility with popular sets means endless customization, allowing you to bring your army to perfection!

Wargame miniatures, bodies, weapons, shields, backpacks on black background

Ironpain Engine

The cornerstone of any formidable army is its heavy machinery, and the Ironpain Engine is the epitome of might and dread. Boasting exceptional detail and an arsenal that promises destruction, this miniature elevates your forces to new heights of intimidation. The 30 gram miniature is perfectly optimized for printing and requires minimal resin - which means you can save money on material. This monster will look great in your collection!

Miniature robot for wargame on black background

Avatar of Mourner

The essence of leadership is captured in the Avatar of Mourner. This highly detailed 32mm scaled miniature will be a symbol of your indomitable will, destined to be the crown jewel of your collection and the envy of enthusiasts everywhere. Your "Order of Repentance" army will be truly unique and unrivaled!

Miniature for wargame in a cloak and with a spear on a black background

Stay tuned!

These were just some of the models we are working on. Your support accelerates our mission, fueling the creation of these unparalleled miniatures. Support our campaign and stand at the head of "Order of Repentance". Don't miss the campaign launch!

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