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The Unleashing of Scylla 2.0: What's in store for you?

Well, well, well, have you seen our latest announcements? Then you know something new is coming - namely this Scylla 2.0, the evolution of our Wargame Bits Vol. I: "Scylla Legion". With over 500 models and bits, it's a game-changer for sure. In this article, we'll take you through the basics, explore the fresh additions, and help you decide if Scylla 2.0 is your next wargaming adventure.

the unleashing of scylla legion

The Scylla Saga Continues

Scylla 2.0 breathes fresh life into the Scylla legacy, first introduced in our Scylla Legion project. We've tinkered with the original models, tweaking the scale and adding new energy to these classic pieces. What's more exciting is the roster of new heroes and vehicles. Each one packs a unique punch, offering endless tactical possibilities. You wanna know what it is? Well, let's check it out!

What's in Arsenal?

Scylla 2.0 doesn't hold back on new features. There are new squads to toy with, like the Bikers Squad, Cultists, and Dragon Hunters, each adding a dash of strategy. Then there are the game-changing vehicles: the Stormwave, APC, and ASV. Get ready to meet new characters, including the Mage on Bike, Cauros Apothecary, Viral Bottom Walker, and Banner Guy Bob.

Is this the same Bob who became the hero of Stormbringers? Hopefully, his mysterious appearance in this project will shed some light on his mysterious story...

banner guy bob

Okay, let's get on with it… HQ units? We've got you covered - Alfarat The First Twin, Exod The Quiet, and Pharacrit Dragonborn Lord. And, for those who love customization, we've fixed the scale of the old models and added extra parts, from legs to heads, bodies, and shoulder pads. Scylla 2.0 is a treasure trove of wargaming possibilities, catering to both new enthusiasts and seasoned strategists.

Worth Your Support?

Scylla 2.0 isn't just big; it's our most extensive project yet. Whether you missed out on Scylla Legion or backed it, there's something here for everyone. The newcomers can dive in with certainty - it's a versatile playground for all wargaming enthusiasts. Our loyal backers who supported the first project can expect a special pledge with a sweet deal. Anyway, Scylla 2.0 is here to empower you to make the best choice for your wargaming experience!

total update scylla legion

Your wargaming journey is yours to navigate, and we're here to make it an adventure to remember! Thanks for your attention, and for considering Scylla 2.0. Stay tuned for more updates and wargaming fun. :)

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