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Ahoy, Mateys! Set Sail on a Base Boost!

Ahoy there, ye landlubbers and sea dogs! Avast ye, for we've got somethin' that'll shiver yer timbers. Introducin' Base Boost, the treasure trove of 3D printed bases for board games and wargames! Aye, ye heard it right, we be launchin' this booty on Kickstarter come October 10th. So mark yer calendars, or we'll make ye walk the plank!

Why Be Ordinary When Ye Can Be Pirate-y?

Ye see, in the world of tabletop games, bases be like the unsung heroes. They give context to yer miniatures, makin' 'em look like they be in a magic forest or a necropolis dungeon. But why settle for the mundane when ye can have the extraordinary? That's where Base Boost comes in, endorsed by pirates worldwide!

What Be in the Treasure Chest?

We've got five amazin' themes that'll make yer miniatures the envy of every scallywag out there:

  • Magic Forest: Where even the carrots have eyes.

  • Pirate Island: Arrr, this one be almost completely ready, me hearties!

  • Necropolis Dungeon: For those who like their battles bone-chillin'.

  • Sci-Fi Ai Experiment: What's more terrifyin' than a soulless AI spaces?

  • City Ruins: When ye want to battle in a post-apocalyptic settin'.

Pirate Island: A Theme Close to Bein' Shipshape

Speakin' of Pirate Island, it be almost completely ready! Aye, we've been workin' day and night, and it be lookin' as splendid as a freshly plundered treasure chest. So, if ye be as excited as we are, make sure to check out our Kickstarter!

The Numbers That'll Make Ye Go "Arrr!"

  • Total unique bases in 1 theme: 215

  • Total bases in theme (unique * 4 bottom versions): 860

  • Total themes: 5

  • Total bases: 860*5=4300

  • Unique bases: 1075

Why Choose Base Boost?

  • Easy to Print: Our models be straightforward, designed for easy printin'.

  • Variety of Sizes: From 25mm to 50mm, we've got ye covered.

  • Compatible with Popular Games: Warhammer fans, rejoice!

  • High-Quality STL Files: Just download the file, and ye be ready to print.

Ready to Set Sail?

So, what be ye waitin' for? Grab yer compass and set sail for the ultimate 3D printing adventure. Trust us; this be a voyage ye won't want to miss!

Arrr, before ye scuttle off, let's not forget that today be a special day! Aye, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! So, put on yer best pirate hat, raise yer Jolly Roger, and join our mates from Taiga Miniatures in celebratin' this grand occasion.

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