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Introduction to "Grimworld: Battle for Underholme"

Welcome to Grimworld! Battle for Underholme is a dwarfs project designed for fantasy game enthusiasts, including OPR, D&D and other popular tabletop games. It promises an immersive experience, complete with unique factions, engaging lore, and versatile game mechanics.

Overview of the Project

"Grimworld: Battle for Underholme" is a project that brings together two opposing factions of dwarfs in an epic clash for dominance. These armies can be integrated into gamers’ existing collections. They are compatible with the OPR system, but we have also developed additional rules to diversify the game.

Shape the Future of the Game

You can influence the final version of the game by participating in our survey. Your feedback and suggestions will help us refine "Grimworld: Battle for Underholme," making it more exciting and tailored to your expectations. We value your input and look forward to your contributions in shaping the future of the game!

For 100 new subscribers to our Discord channel, we will add pre-assembled models to the Basic Set. For reposting on social networks you will receive a unique Gauge and Dice and Movement Tray. Prove to everyone that you are the best painter by participating in our painting contest!

Join our survey and unlock a reward! Check out our landing page for more fun activities — participate and score even more rewards!

The Grimworld composition poll

The Story: The Great Beer Brouhaha

At the heart of "Grimworld: Battle for Underholme'' lies a hilariously entertaining backstory. Every year, the quiet village of Underholme hosts the Brewmaster's Festival, a grand celebration where dwarfs from various kingdoms come together to showcase their finest brews.

This year's festival took an unexpected turn, leading to the legendary Great Beer Brouhaha. Olger Dreadquake from the shadowy Voidland kingdom and Gero Steelhammer from the sunlit Steelhill kingdom both brought their best brews, but a tie in the judging led to a heated argument and an all-out brawl. This ridiculous conflict over beer sparked a rivalry that has escalated into a full-scale war, with each faction determined to prove their superiority not just in brewing but in battle as well.

The Great Beer Brouhaha

Meet the Factions

Voidland Dwarfs: Known for their mastery of Mass Damage Magic, high damage shooters, monstrous creatures, and cheap units. However, they have a short range of riflemen and artillery, and their units are high cost.

Leader: Olger "Dreadquake"

Olger "Dreadquake"

Steelhill Dwarfs: Renowned for their flying units capable of destroying infantry, strengthening infantry with their lord, and weakening enemies with runic spells. They lack offensive magic and monsters.

Leader: Gero Steelhammer

Gero Steelhammer

Unique Game Mechanics

Each model in "Grimworld: Battle for Underholme" is defined by a set of characteristics: Movement, Close Combat, Range Combat, Wounds, Pressure, Attacks, and Brave. These characteristics apply not only to units and characters but also to weapons, orders, and spells, adding a layer of strategic depth to the game.

Free Demo Model with Subscription

To celebrate the upcoming launch, we have a special gift for you, guys: if you subscribe before the campaign starts, you will receive 2 free models in addition to the free models published on our MMF page. This offer allows you to get a taste of the STL files we provide, giving you an early start on building your collection.

Join the Journey! Together, let's make history in this epic tale of dwarven rivalry and heroism.

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