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Legends come to life: The Order of Repentance

In the shadowy world of wargame, where fiction intertwines with truth, a saga unfolds, sealed in the blood of heroes and tells of adventure and unrelenting courage....

In the beginning, a vision was born: to forge female warriors of unrivaled skill, whose tales of valor would echo through the ages. From this vision was born the “Order of Repentance”, a name that could illuminate the darkest corners of existence. And in the space forges, armor was created that glittered so brightly that it blinded the eyes of their enemies!

time for repentance

The symbol of courage

These female-warriors, each a model of strength and steadfastness, were more than fighters-they were the epitome of resilience. Inspired by the eerie beauty of dark fantasy and dark tales of battles in otherworlds, we created them - elite heroines ready to defy their enemies. Their mere presence can change the course of war!

Heroes awakening

Enemies shudder, their courage wanes in the face of these formidable warriors whose hearts, forged in the crucible of battle, know neither fear nor compassion. The Order has waited for its moment - and it has come! The soul of each of the warriors has been transferred into the new miniatures of the "Order of Repentance" set.

Order of repentance 3d miniatures

Project composition

This message from the "Order of Repentance" is a call to arms, a call to revive your courage! But first, familiarize yourself with the squad's personnel:

  • 350+ STLs files: semi-assembled female miniatures, as well as backpacks and heads to help you make your army truly special;

  • 9 exclusive heroes: dominate the battlefield with unique heroes;

  • 9 elite combat units: increase the power of your troops;

  • Heavy equipment: Consolidate your superiority on the battlefield;

  • Extra Bits: Enhance your gameplay with sets of extra bits;

  • All miniatures are pre-printed and maximally optimized for 3D printing;

  • Exclusive reward for first time participants.

Order of repentance bits

Let's fight!

No one can rule the Order better than you, General! The squad of miniatures is almost fully mobilized and will soon be ready to storm the battlefields under your leadership. Lead the squad, General! Subscribe so you don't miss the news!

And join our Discord, where you'll find lots of interesting  information!

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