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The Compendium: Your Ultimate Guide to the Millennium Wars Series

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance your gaming experience, we are excited to introduce the Compendium — a comprehensive guide designed specifically for the Millennium Wars series. The Compendium is not just any manual; it's a meticulously crafted companion that aims to enrich your understanding of the game and streamline your gameplay.

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What is the Compendium?

The Compendium serves as the definitive guide for all things related to the Millennium Wars. It's packed with essential information, ensuring everyone can get the most out of their gaming sessions.

Features of the Compendium

Detailed Build Instructions: Each complex model in the Millennium Wars series comes with its own set of challenges and intricacies. The Compendium provides clear, step-by-step build instructions that simplify the assembly process, helping you get your units battle-ready faster.

Complete Model List with Visuals: The guide includes a complete list of all the models available in the series, accompanied by high-quality images. This not only helps in identifying each piece but also inspires your strategic planning and deployment.

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Links to OPR Army Books: Integration with popular gaming systems is crucial. The Compendium includes direct links to OPR Army Books, allowing for seamless integration of your models into the One Page Rules system.

Proxy Model and Scale Table: Understanding the scale and proxy guidelines is essential for maximizing the utility of your miniatures. The Compendium includes a detailed table that maps out the scale and suggested proxy uses for each model, ensuring they fit perfectly within your existing collections.

Rich Lore and Backstories: Dive into the deep lore of the Millennium Wars universe. The Compendium is filled with captivating narratives and detailed backstories of factions and heroes, enriching your connection to the game and enhancing the immersive experience of your battles.

compendium millenium wars

Why You Need the Compendium

Whether you're a strategist looking to optimize your army setup or a hobbyist eager to dive into the assembly and painting aspects, the Compendium is your go-to resource. It not only enhances your gameplay by providing vital information at your fingertips but also enriches your overall experience with the lore and backstory of the Millennium Wars universe.

Join Our Community

The Compendium is our latest feature. It will be included in all future projects including the Millennium Wars series. To stay updated on the Compendium's developments and to be part of our community's conversation, we invite you to subscribe to our Discord channel today. Here, you'll get the latest news, exclusive sneak peeks, and a chance to influence future content.

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